Vinoco Wine Bar & Tapas Restaurant                                                                                          Carlos Roman spent years in the restaurant industry working for others.

After growing weary of establishments that focused more on the plates than the food on them, Carlos decided to break out on his own and open Vinoco Wine Bar and Tapas Restaurant; a place where he could let his dreams, imagination and love of food flourish. Mixing fantasy with reality, creating dishes with a twist that make up a playground on your plate, Carlos attempts to thrill your taste buds and blow your mind.                                                                                                                                        




Vinoco provides diners with a friendly, casual environment while taking them on a Gastronomic tour that pleases and challenges the palate. With no pretention, Chef/Owner Carlos shares his culinary imaginings and love of food as he borrows from the past to create dishes for the future.Vinoco’s Fusion Menu blends Cuisines from around the world while focusing on taste, texture and presentation.

In 2012, Carlos Roman was featured on The Couch and showed the world how to cook his famous Paella! 


147 Mineola Boulevard Mineola NY 11501 (516) 3078056